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Bachelor in Pharmacy

Near East University Faculty of Pharmacy has the privilege of being the first and only faculty on an international scale in the TRNC with an accredited pharmacy education, along with an ACPE certificate which is an assurance of high quality and standards.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 5 years
Starting in: September 2020
Tuition Fee: €4,300 per year
Location: Near East University (Mersin, Turkey)

Pharmacy is a profession in which theoretical education and practical training are given at the same time. With its classrooms, education and research laboratories, the Faculty of Pharmacy at Near East University is the most ambitious Faculty of Pharmacy in its field, which was planned by taking into consideration the most contemporary templates.

The first four years of the undergraduate education period are carried out in the form of intensive theoretical and practical courses. The final year graduation thesis and elective courses of this period are divided into pharmacy or industry internships. Academic structuring consists of the departments of “Basic Pharmacy Sciences”, “Pharmacy Professional Sciences” and “Pharmacy Technology Departments”.

The training is carried out by the departments in these three sections and in the form of a three stepped program.

A theoretical and practical study

This course covers the theoretical and practical courses of drug production in both magistral and industrial contexts with the lectures and applications including the production and design of the drug molecules from natural sources, the production and design of drugs by synthesis, laboratory analysis and quantification.

In the third stage, people-oriented clinical use and informing about drugs is taught in a theoretical and practical manner in the 5-year program. In addition to the basic information describing the emergence of physiological and physiopathological cases in the patient group, the role of pharmacists in the management of the patient and the role of the pharmacists in this method is given.

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Program Outline

The first step of the programme comprises a group of courses that will provide the basic infrastructure in the field of health and pharmacy and scientific knowledge.

The second step consists of a group of lessons that provide specific scientific knowledge about pharmaceutical products.

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