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Master in Biostatistics

In this Biostatistics programme at Near East University you’ll be introduced to basic research methods, Multiple Correlation and Regression Analysis, Multivariate Statistical Methods.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 2 years
Starting in: September 2020
Tuition Fee: €1,030 / semester
Location: Near East University (Mersin, Turkey)

This Biostatistics programme at Near East University is giving the students knowledge about where and how to use special terms and words used in the statistical analysis in the health field.

This is a programme with thesis.

Recognition of health, demographic statistics (birth-death-migration), population pyramids, population estimation methods, life table methods, morbidity statistics, the standardization of rates and ratios, international classification of diseases, measures indicating the health status, health records, basic research methods in health, risk measures are some of the topics that you’ll study in this course.

Educational Objectives of this Course

  • Population and definitions of sampling, estimation (prediction), sampling distributions, estimators of (estimators) is focused on properties
  • Probabilistic and non-probabilistic sampling methods are introduced
  • Simple random sampling, systematic sampling, stratified random sampling, single and multi-stage cluster sampling, probability proportional to size sampling, field sampling, snowball sampling method on a detailed and practical examples and discusses the comparative discussed
  • Lecture of the responsible faculty member in the first week of classes, seminars and practices carried out in the coming weeks as a student
  • Students, each sampling method described with the sample will attract a certain audience, will derive estimates and sample sizes need to be heard and given the assignment period will compare the error
  • End of the semester, each student presents the assignment, which was prepared and is open to the whole class discussion.

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Courses Included:

  • Basic Biostatistics and SPSS
  • Data Analysis and Statistical Programs
  • Technical and Scientific Research Applications of SPSS
  • Probability Theory
  • Matrix Theory
  • Medical Terminology
  • Research Methods in Health Sciences
  • Survival Analysis

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