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Master in Pharmaceutical Technology

In general, the Pharmaceutical Technology course at Near East University is based on gaining assesment on literature research and evaluation skills. Teaching methods and practices of information investigation that can help master thesis or any other selected topics.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 1.5 years
Starting in: September 2020
Tuition Fee: €1,030 / semester
Location: Near East University (Mersin, Turkey)

Basic definitions and information about pharmacokinetics and biopharmaceutics will be studied during this Pharmaceutical Technology programme at Near East University.

You can choose a programme with or without theses.

In this programme, you will learn about the importance of keeping the drug in the certain storage conditions to estimate whether it can stay or not in the limits specified for the shelf life. The rules of the ICH Guideline about the subject.

this course will introduce you to Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT). Teaching of product and process development basic knowledge with QBD and PAT approach.

You will learn about

  • Basic steps and importance of drug preparation and drug production will be discussed
  • Explanation of formulation and process technologies of sterile and parenteral preparations and their sterilization techniques
  • Preparation and sterilization techniques of sterile and non sterile liquid forms in practice
  • Introduction of computer programs which contains drug information and which can make kinetic calculations
  • Artificial intelligence and simulation techniques and their applications in various fields of pharmaceutical technology will be studied
  • Compaction characteristics of powders and their deformation mechanisms will be studied practically

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Courses Included:

  • Pre-formulation
  • Stability
  • Physical Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical Excipients
  • Process Validation
  • Evaluation and Formulation Design of Solid Dosage Forms
  • Product Registration and Patents
  • Basic Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Validation

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